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The members:



Thomas Haglund plays the fiddle.

He’s one of the pioneers in Swedish bluegrass and countrymusic. He has been in the music business since the mid 60’s and has played and recorded with numerous of top Swedish artists through the years. He was also a member of Jimmy Martin’s Sunny Mountain Boys for over a year and recorded 22 songs with Jimmy in Nashville.


Göran “Floda” Lomaeus plays bass.
knows all the styles of country music from Old Time to Western Swing. There’s only one thing to say about his musicianship, “Solid as a rock”. He “thumps it in there” as Jimmy Martin would say. He and Thomas have been playing together in different outfits for thirty years, one of which were the legendary Bluegrass Swedes.



Stefan Wadell plays mandolin and does most of the lead singing.

His vocals are in the powerful style of traditional bluegrass. He is a former member of the band Deliverence. He puts a Monroe inspired tenor on the songs in the chorus parts.



Magnus Sundström plays guitar and sings both lead and harmony.

He is undoubtedly of the best guitar pickers in Sweden today. He is also a former member of the bluegrass band Deliverence.


Janne Jonsson plays guitar and sings lead and harmony.

He’s fairly new in the field of  bluegrass but with his background as a music teacher he blends in real well with the bluegrass sound.


Mats Haglund is playing the banjo.

He's been playing bluegrass since the mid sixties and is one of the most experienced players in the field of bluegrass in Sweden. Besides beeing a skilled banjo player he also has a doctors degree in psycology and works at the university of Uppsala in Sweden.                                                                                                 





Paint The Town  

  mp3, 2,0MB

Four Walls  

  mp3, 3,5MB

Stay Away From Me  

  mp3, 2,1MB

Treasure Of Love  

  mp3, 2,1MB



For bookings please contact:


Thomas Haglund


+ 46 390 – 100 46

+ 46 73358 21 29



Floda Lomaeus


+ 46 8 – 759 06 52

+ 46 703 - 34 51 38



Kristina Alm

+ 46 155 – 29 49 29

+ 46 70400 08 75